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Construímos e fortalecemos vínculos entre empresa e pessoas promovendo engajamento, bem-estar e produtividade!

Como um programa de bem-estar emocional, somos um pilar na Gestão de Relacionamentos para Pessoas (PRM), para transformar o local de trabalho em um espaço de conexões humanas profundas, onde cada jornada pessoal é valorizada, fortalecendo o engajamento através da empatia e do cuidado

Vida de trabalho digital

Presence & Gift

Being present in the sensitive journeys that employees experience is part ofwculture of care from the company.

Interest & Attention

Show interest in the challenges that employees face outside the work environment and develop actions that contribute to the well-being of employees.they are part of ubadassheight that welcomes.

Engagement & Happiness

The care and hospitality of the company make the colasBorators feel valued and grateful,whatreflects awculture with affective engagement.

pai com o filho no computador

We exist so that the company can be part of the employee's life journeys, stimulating  affective commitment and generating gratitude, reciprocity and engagement.

The Affetic Value Cycle

We promote an environment of care in organizations that encourages the formation of healthy emotional bonds and strengthens the relationship between them and their teams, creating a cycle of value.

Ciclo de valor Affetic
Empresas que adotaram a cultura de cuidado Affetic: 
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meet our program

Our programs include digital and physical content, through which companies, by being present in the sensitive journeys of employees, strengthen the bond beyond the professional environment, creating a company-family relationship.

Pai e mae

Mother assisted by Affetic

"It was very empathetic and human to know that the Institution I work for took the initiative to be part of such an important and sensitive program for employees who are going through the Maternity/Paternity phase, as it is a unique moment in life and full of challenges too, as reconciling work with the new reality is a new path for the employee, and knowing that the Institution cares about this new phase is very rewarding and makes the company part of this new reality". 
Mother assisted by Affetic

Pai e mae

Mother assisted by Affetic

"My puerperium was not easy. I had moments of great sadness, guilt and loneliness, despite having the greatest love in the world in my arms. I had difficulties interacting and a feeling of being out of everything and that time had stopped. pampering and every affectionate content gave me the feeling of having someone looking over me and my baby, saying: "calm down, we're here, be well". Thank you!.....


Father assisted by Affetic

"We feel welcomed and grateful to our company for knowing about such an important and remarkable moment in our lives." 


Father assisted by Affetic

"It was an enormous happiness to be part of this program due to the involvement not only with the baby and with the parents".
Father assisted by Affetic

Ver você cuidar de mim, Affetic

Strengthen the culture of caring for people in the company, get to know Affetic!


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