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"People above methodologies and technologies"

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Nosso Propósito

Elevar as empresas a um maior nível de consciência organizacional no seu relacionamento com as pessoas, promovendo uma cultura de cuidado, na qual eles possam se sentir seguras, motivadas e conectadas à organização.

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Nossa Visão

Ser referência no desenvolvimento de produtos e serviços para aproximar empresas e pessoas.

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Nossos Valores




The origin of the name GENyPSO

More than 130 years have passed since Dr. Lázaro Zamenhof launched, in 1887, a planned language project that became a living language, with its own culture, but international and neutral, and even with native speakers.

Esperanto is a language that does not belong to any nation, but belongs to everyone.
At the beginning...”, thus begins one of the most famous books, Genesis. In the same way a book that we interpret as “the end”, is the Apocalypse. Those two words in a universal language, in the Esperanto language would be "Genezo" It is "Apokalypso".


With this essence is born theGENYPSO.

GEN = the beginning and PSO = the end, as a purpose and united by the "Y" which, in Spanish, corresponds to the conjunction “and” which, in addition to representing the union, brings in its image the breadth and depth of what it represents.

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